Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Photo: Getting ready for the holidays!  We will be at Rancho Solano Holiday Boutique until 5pm today


Orders may be picked up starting Saturday 12/21 through Tuesday 12/24.  Deliveries by prior arrangement on Christmas Day.  Please state when you would like delivery when placing an order.

Christmas Morning

Cranberry Orange Scones $2.50 each
Nutmeg Spice Cake (serves 8-10) $14
Old Fashioned Gingerbread Cake with Coffee Glaze (serves 8-10) $14
Sticky Toffee Pudding with maple Caramel Sauce (serves 6-8) $14
Apple Cinnamon Sugar Cake (serve 6-8) $14
Pecan Sticky Rolls 12 rolls $15
Breakfast Platter – a mix of our cranberry morning rolls, croissants, lemon bread, persimmon muffins (serves 6-8 people) $25


Wild Mushroom soup with toasted barley, rosemary and thyme $6/pint
Orange and beet salad with local walnuts, Gorgonzola and argula with orange thyme vinaigrette (serve 4) $11
Shaved Brussels spout salad with dried currant, horseradish and mustard (serves 4) $10
Roasted seasonal vegetables $15
Gratineed broccoli with Gruyere and fresh nutmeg (serves 4) $11
Root Vegetable Pot-Pie with buttermilk biscuits and sage (serves 6) $15
Slow-Braised Beef short rids with red wine reduction and creamy Parmesan polenta (serve 4-6) $30
Meat Lasagna $30 serve 6-8
Spinach and Mushroom with white sauce Lasagna $25 (serves 6-8)


Buche de noel – dark chocolate with salted caramel (made to look like a log) (serves 8) $30
Croquembouche – tower of vanilla-filled cream puffs held together with spun sugar and topped spaced with winter flowers. $36
Apple pithivier – caramelized apples and almond cream in a puff pastry shell (serves 8) $30
Dark chocolate cream pie (serves 8) $20
Cranberry Orange Cheesecake (serves 10) $30
Pavolva with pomegranates and oranges with a caramel sauces (serves 6) $25
Cranberry/Almond Mince Pies (serves 6) $15
Walnut Caramel Tart (serves 4-6) $15

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thanksgiving Menu
Please place order by November 25th.
Pick-up order 1076 Horizon Dr., Suite #5, Fairfield
Pick-up from November25th-November 28th 10am-6pm
Order by email: or by phone (707)422-0749
Apple Breton Pie $20
Sugar Pumpkin Pie $15
Pumpkin Layer Pie $20
Southern Pecan Pie $22
French Silk Chocolate Pie $15
Lemon Cream Pie $15
Walnut Honey Pie $22
Pecan Pie Bars $3/serving
Pumpkin Cheesecake bars with caramel swirls $4/serving
Ginger Upside Cake $12 (6 bars)
Salt Lick $20 for 4
Cranberry, Almond and Cinnamon Tart $20
Canolli Tart $20 serves 4-6
Bittersweet Chocolate tart with candied oranges $20
Double corn cornbread with thyme $5 (for 6 muffins)
Parker House Rolls (6 rolls)
Fig-Walnut rolls $5 (6 rolls)
Buttermilk Biscuits with Parsley and Sage
 $5 (6 rolls)
Pecan Sweet rolls $15 for 12
Pumpkin Scones $4 for 2
Gingerbread with coffee glaze (serves 6-8_$12
Sweet Pumpkin Breakfast Cake with crumb topping $10 (serves 6-8)
Pumpkin Soup with Noodles $8/quart
Apple-butternut squash soup $8/quart

Three Green Soup with Potatoes $8/quart
Sweet Potato (twice baked with ricotta and herbs) $11 for 4
Bitter Green salad with pears, fennel goat cheese and apple cider vinaigrette (serves 4) $11
Roasted heirloom squash and mushrooms with thyme $9 for 4

Corn Bread stuffing with Bacon and Greens $12 for 4
Sausage, Apple and Cranberry Stuffing $12 for 4
Seasonal Roasted Vegetables (serves 6) $14
Spicy Kale, green beans and mushrooms $10 for 4
Gluten Free
Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie $20
white rice, sorghum and sweet rice flours, cinnamon, egg, apple cider vinegar, butter
Gluten Free Spicy Ginger Cookies $5 for 6
Sorghum, white rice flours, dried ginger, cinnamon, eggs natural sugar and butter.
Gluten Free Savory

Gluten free Sweet Potato Apple Casserole $15 (6)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wooden Valley Event - May 11th and May 12th

Wooden Valley - May 11th and May 12th.  

I hate to disappoint customer when we sell out of something in particular they wanted.  You can know pre order for events.  The menu will be posted on the blog.  All you have to do is email your order, show up to the event whenever you like and stop by MagPies booth to pick up your order.  If you have any questions please call (707)422-0749.

If you would like to pre order lunches please email your order to

Lunch Menu for Wooden Valley Winery May 11th and May 12th
All lunches are served with a cookie or bar cookie, fruit and crackers or chips.  Please no special request for the above.

Sandwiches - $12/lunchbox
Chili Chicken with Lime Mayo
Chicken (thighs and breast) with our house made lime mayo. spinach and caramelized onions

Sausage Sandwich
Italian sausage, Herb Mayo, Zucchini and grilled spring onions

Shredded Pork with Cherry BBQ Sauce
Slow Roasted Pork with our house made Cherry BBQ sauce topped with shredded carrots and cabbage

Salad (Saturday and Sunday) - $9.00 (served with a cookie or bar cookie)
Mixed greens, granny smith apples, white wine poached potatoes and spiced pecans served with our vinaigrette (on the side).

Sunday - Mother's Day Brunch Option - $5
Egg Salad
Local Eggs, Pancetta, house mayo on a house made biscuit.

Sunday - $12/lunchbox
Oven Roasted Turkey
Turkey, bacon ham, local greens, brie cheese with chipolte aioli

Ham with Cherry Mustard
Smoked ham, house made cherry mustard, spinach, brie cheese

Slow roasted Pepper Beef with Strawberry Balsamic Jam
Slow Roasted Pepper Beef, house made Strawberry balsamic jam, arugula, cheese

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Come visit MagPies as well as other local vendors for some great treat and produce.
This is a year round Market!  We will have items for sale every Saturday.   I will be physically at the event two Saturday's a month.  I look forward to seeing everyone!

Also, mark your calendars for Saturday (May 10th) and Sunday (May 11th) as we will be at Wooden Valley celebrating Mother's Day with special treats and lunch boxes.  Come and enjoy a glass of wine and a hearty lunch.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sorry, to all our customers that are not 49es fan's but I grew up a San Francisco Fan.  My Dad, held Season tickets for years and I sat in our living room eating peanuts in the shell watching many a game.  Like many of us in the Bay Area, I am excited to watch the fame.  I will be sporting my red on Sunday!  If your hanging out at home or going to a party, I added some SuperBowl Food to the Menu this week.  Deadline for orders is Saturday 4pm.  Pick-up 9-11am on Sunday.  Let me know if you have any questions.


SuperBowl Food
Beef Stuffed Potatoes 6 - $12
Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls - 12 for $15 or 6 for $8
Miso Sitcky Wings - 20 wings for $15 or
Cevapi Creole Dip (Ground Turkey, Ground Pork and Bacon) This dip is good served warm.  $10 serves 4-6

Snickerdoodle Poppers (filled with Vanilla Pastry Cream)$5 for 4
Creamy Pecan Pralines -$6 for 8
Chocolate Orange Rolls - $2/piece

Honey Grapefruit Scone $3/piece
Lemon Custard Bombolini $2/each

Asian Beef strip with stir-fired Brussels sprouts $30 serving of 6 or $6 individual serving
Roasted Chicken (Legs) with potatoes and kale - $28 serving of 6 of $5 individual serving

Chorizo and Cabbage Stew with Sage Croutons - $6/quart

Quinoa and Squash Casserole - $20 for serving 4-6 or $4 individual serving
Curried Bean and Cauliflower Stew - $18 for serving 4-6 or $5 individual serving

Gluten Free
Sweet potato and Black Bean Enchiladas - $30 for serving of 6
Orange Cream Cupcakes - $3/a piece
Savory Scones with Olives and Rosemary - $3/piece

Friday, January 25, 2013

Yoga Etc.

The New Year for me, as well as many others, involves promises to eat better and exercise.  What better way, then yoga?  Yoga Etc. is a local studio located in Fairfield  The Owners have been long time customers of MagPies!  We love to support our customers and other local businesses!  Yoga Etc is offering a special deal to MagPies customers. 

20 Days Unlimited for $30. Also we have a workshop coming up this weekend Sunday Jan 27th from 2-4:30, with pratice from 4:30-6 on Yoga Fundimentals for $35. And Here is the link to the weekly schedule!classes!

So, let's take advantage of this great offer!  If anyone is going let me know.  I need a Yoga partner!

Menu for Pick-up January 27th

Almost through January!  I had every intention of blogging earlier in the month.  Unfortunately, the flu bug hit all of us. So, finally everyone is feeling better and I am ready to get back to work. If you keep up on Facebook.  I attend the Fancy Food Show this week in S.F.  I will be posting this next week on all the exciting new food trends for next year.  Until then here is the Menu for delivery on Sunday 9-11a.m. at our offices 1076 Horizon Dr., Suite #5, Fairfield.  (707)422-0749.

Family Sizes serves approx 6 people.


Braised Asian beef with pak choi - $30 (family size) $6 (individual serving)

Roasted Chicken and Vegetable Pie (uncooked or cooked) - $30 (family size) - $6( individual serving)

Spinach and Ricotta crepe casserole with spicy red pepper sauce - $25 (family size) or $5 (individual serving)

Spiced Jamaican Soup with Butternut Squash and Corn - $6/quart

Almond Date Breakfast Bars 4 bars $5
(dried dates, almonds, wheat germ, almond butter, honey, orange juice/zest)

Cheddar Breakfast Buns - 2 buns $3

Chai Coffee Cake $3/piece

Sweet Treats!

Brown sugar Buttered Popcorn Cookies - 6 cookies $3

Grapefruit Olive Oil Pound Cakes - Mini Loaf - $3

Chocolate Sticky Toffee Pudding with Coffee Custard (served on the side) - individual serving $3

Gluten Free

Lime and Blueberry (frozen from when in season) tea cake - 4 tea cakes $5

Lemon Salted Shortbread Cookies - 6 cookies - $4

Eggplant and Onion Gratin - individual serving $4 - family serving $22

Please email or call with any questions.