Friday, August 13, 2010

Napa Chefs Farmers Market

The Napa Chefs Market has closed for the season. However, I attended the last one with friends A&D. The Chefs Market is a family event. It includes entertainment (4 stages), cooking demonstrations, produce, wine pairings and craft vendors. A&D are experienced customers at the Market. They know where to eat, they know the jewelry vendor, they even know where to find a seat and eat enjoy the entertainment. It was a treat to be guided through the crowd. The produce section had slowed down for the season but I was determined to come home with heirloom tomatoes, which I found. We then wandered over to the food. Pulled pork sandwich for me, tacos for A and D had a beef sandwich (I think). Next we roamed just outside of the Market to "Sift" for cupcakes. We tried the Snickerdoodle, Pink Champagne, Oh La La, Irish Car Bomb, Peanut Butter Ripple (Yum!) and Over the Moon. You have to love the names of these cupcakes. The cupcakes where enjoyable, although the frosting was a little sweet for my taste. We enjoyed our cupcakes with a nice cup of coffee from Annette's. Such an enjoyable evening with good friends, food (lots of it) and people watching. Next year, I will make more of an effort to make it to Napa for this Market.
Deliveries this week will be on Saturday as I will be at Wooden Valley Sunday for Harvest. Harvest is a great event! Come and see us if you get a chance.
Chicken Tamales with Queso Fresco and Tomatillo Sauce $25/tray or $5/serving
This includes radish pico de gallo and tomatillo sauce
Chicken, garlic, chili powder, queso fresco, radish, cucumber, red onion cilantro, lime, tomatillos, habernero.
Grilled Sausage and Fig Pizza large pizza $18 or $5/serving
Grilled Sausage, fresh figs, argula, fontina cheese, red onions, fresh pizza dough
Stuffed Eggplant $25/tray or $5/serving
garlic, tomatoes, oregano, cinnamon, cloves, Parmesan cheese, eggs
Stuffed Red Pepper Rolls $5 for 6 rolls
Italian parsley, oregano, garlic, capers, eggs, breadcrumbs, olive oil, bell peppers
Thyme Marinated Squash Salad $5/serving
Squash, thyme, cider vinegar
Orange Cranberries with Raspberry Coffee Cake - $4/piece
Orange soaked dried cranberries, fresh raspberries, almonds, flour, eggs, low fat sour cream.
Chilled honey and raisin risotto $4/serving
Local honey, raisins, risotto, almonds
Raspberry Blackberry Mochi Cake $5/piece
Sweet Rice Flour, butter, evaporated skim milk, organic sugar, eggs
Peach, blueberry and thyme galettes $5/galette
Fresh Peaches, fresh blueberries, fresh thyme in wrapped in a pastry