Saturday, December 5, 2009

I don't know where the time goes! Since Wednesday, I have been trying to post the blog. Everyone is busy this time of year but for MagPies it has been particulary busy. Our catering has grown leaps and bounds this last year and we have a great following of loyal customers. Even though, I have been rolling pastry until my hands hurt some nights, I am thankful for the support of our small business. Many thanks all the new customers that are tasting our goods, many who are trying to committed to supporting local small businesses this year!

Please remember, that if my voicemail is full this time of year (which it seems to be this last week) you can always email. I will get back to you.

Ok, with that said,I better get the menu listed before something else prevents this posting!

Chicken and pesto pastie $3/pastie
a great lunch or quick dinner option
Apple Onion and cheddar pie $4/pie
sweet Onion, tart apples and strong cheddar cheese, with fresh thyme.
Winter Vegetable Crumble $5/crumble
parsnips, sweet potatoes, carrotts and with a crisp crumble.
Cupcake sized Pork Pies $4 for 2 pies
Ground pork, fresh sage and crispy pastry.

BlueBerry Museli bars with white chocolate $4 for 4 bars
these have blueberries (frozen from earlier on in the year), white chocolate, honey and cinnamon.

Bittersweet Chocolate and roasted pear tart $4/tart
Bittersweet chocolate and fresh pears. A great combination
Brown Butter Blondies $3/piece
the brown butter changes a regular blondie into something spectacular.
Eggnog Custard Pie $4/slice
A holiday favorite in a pie.

Split pea soup with green peas and dill $5
Spilt pea soup made with ham stock, whole peas and fresh dill

Delivery at the office in Fairfield from 9am - 11am