Friday, January 25, 2013

Yoga Etc.

The New Year for me, as well as many others, involves promises to eat better and exercise.  What better way, then yoga?  Yoga Etc. is a local studio located in Fairfield  The Owners have been long time customers of MagPies!  We love to support our customers and other local businesses!  Yoga Etc is offering a special deal to MagPies customers. 

20 Days Unlimited for $30. Also we have a workshop coming up this weekend Sunday Jan 27th from 2-4:30, with pratice from 4:30-6 on Yoga Fundimentals for $35. And Here is the link to the weekly schedule!classes!

So, let's take advantage of this great offer!  If anyone is going let me know.  I need a Yoga partner!

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