Thursday, December 13, 2012


Christmas Morning

Cranberry Orange Scones $2.50 each
Nutmeg Spice Cake (serves 8-10) $14
Old Fashioned Gingerbread Cake with Coffee Glaze (serves 8-10) $14
Sticky Toffee Pudding with maple Caramel Sauce (serves 6-8) $14
Apple Cinnamon Sugar Cake (serve 6-8) $14
Pecan Sticky Rolls 12 rolls $15
Breakfast Platter - a mixe of our cranberry morning rolls, croissiants, lemon bread and persimmon muffins (serves 6-8) $25


Wild Mushroom soup with toasted barley, rosemary and thyme $6/pint
Orange and beet salad with local walnuts, Gorgonzola and arugula with orange thyme vinaigrette (serve 4) $11
Shaved Brussels spout salad with dried currant, horseradish and mustard (serves 4) $10
Roasted seasonal vegetables $15
Gratineed broccoli with Gruyere and fresh nutmeg (serves 4) $11
Root Vegetable Pot-Pie with buttermilk biscuits and sage (serves 6) $15
Slow-Braised Beef short rids with red wine reduction and creamy Parmesan polenta (serve 4-6) $30
Meat Lasagna $30 serve 6-8
Spinach and Mushroom with white sauce Lasagna $25 (serves 6-8)

Buche de noel – dark chocolate with salted caramel (made to look like a log) (serves 8) $30
Croquembouche – tower of vanilla-filled cream puffs held together with spun sugar and topped spaced with winter flowers. $36
Apple pithivier – caramelized apples and almond cream in a puff pastry shell (serves 8) $30
Dark chocolate cream pie (serves 8) $20
Cranberry Orange Cheesecake (serves 10) $30
Pavolva with pomegranates and oranges with a caramel sauces (serves 6) $25
Cranberry/Almond Mince Pies (serves 6) $15

Gluten Free Sides

brocollini with brown butter and cashews (serves 4-6) $10

gluten free root pot pie (serves 6-8) $17

roasted brussel sprout with apples (serve 4-6) $10

Roasted potatoes, onion, garlic, tomatoes, olives and raisins serves 6-8 $14


Gluten Free lemon and ginger scones $3 each

Gluten free ginger and carrot squares $3 each

Cranberry and walnut muffins 4 for $8

gluten free cinnamon rolls 8 rolls for $12


Peublo Bread - $7 large loaf

Gluten Free Dinner Rolls 8rolls $6


double chocolate mocha cookies 6 cookies $7

apricot and cranberry biscotti $8 for 12 biscotti

gluten free crumble topped mince pies 4 pies for $6

pine nut, almond and lemon cake $16 per cake (serves 6)

Orders may be picked up starting Saturday 2/22 through 12/24.  Deliveries by prior arrangement on Christmas Day.