Friday, June 5, 2009

All year long I somehow manage to work and meet the ever growing demands of my four children but somehow May and the beginning of June each year seems overwhelming. These months seem filled with more hustle and bustle than the holidays. I don't know what it is! Even with the end of baseball season (and the many end of season parties that come with that), the end of school activities (band concert, variety show, classroom parties) and the start of all summer activities (swimming and soccer), I still find the time to bake. Baking for me is not always about work. I love to bake for my family. It is important to me to bake that graduation cake for my son's kindergarten class (see pics) even though I was finishing it with minutes to spare. For me, baking gives that little extra to the people I care about. Sure, my friends and family still know I care if they don't get a cake I baked on their birthdays but I still try really hard to fit it in.
MagPies will be trading at Wooden Valley Winery this weekend. We will have boxed lunches for $7/lunch and many desserts to choose from.
If you would like a delivery aside from Wooden Valley I will do deliveries on Tuesday afternoon at the office or provide delivery service (locally).

We will have some of these items for sale at Wooden Valley in our lunchboxes. The sweet section will be sold separately. Come visit us this weekend at enjoy food and art! We will have many more offerings.

Aspargus Cream Cheese Tart $4
Chilli Beef Potato in Bulgur Crust $5
Wrapped Quiches $4
Meat Pie (beef) $5

Watermelon (cubes) topped with goat cheese and lemon olive oil $4
Three bean salad with mozzerala and cilantro $4
Coronation chicken salad (we have made this before but it has become a favorite)! $5

Buttermilk Pie $4
Blueberry Buckle $4
Apple pie bars $4
Jelly roll with crusted coconut $4
Maple walnut tart with banana cream $5
Strawberry yogurt tart $4

Look forward to seeing you soon!