Thursday, August 13, 2009


During the "season" I have been the lucky recipient of many tasty and beautiful gifts. The gifts are often home grown or stem from the Farmers Market. Many times I use the fruits and vegetables I receive, in baking for the Market. Other times I just enjoy the fresh fruit or vegetables just as they are. This week I was was lucky to receive the scrumptious pears and plums from Mr. Inn. These were harvested from his parents orchard in the valley. His parents were also kind enough to give me some incredible peaches a couple of weeks ago. The peaches and the plums didn't make it to market. The sugar plums were gone in a day. Enjoyed by me, my kids and all the neighborhood kids at my house. You never seen a bunch of kids enjoy fruit so much! I decided to share the pears with everyone at the Market with a pear frangipane. Thank you to all how have shared so much with me. It never goes unappreciated!

On another note, I want to remind everyone that it is the start of Harvest in the Valley this weekend. Lots of the Wineries are having activities and different events going on. I will be out on Sunday enjoying the festivities and celebrating my sister's birthday. I hope you make your way to the valley and enjoy all it has to offer. For more information, check out

I will be at the Farmers Market on Saturday from 8am-Noon. See you there!

Chicken, Mango and Chickpea Tart - $5
Organic chicken, fresh mango and chickpeas are dressed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and mango chutney.

Ham and Egg Pie with Feta - $5
This pie has a Greek flavor and is a filo pastry tart of onion, eggs, ham and topped with crumbled feta.

Squash and Cream Spinach Gratin - $4
This gratin uses fresh, organic cream and parmigiana-reggiano.

Tomato and Gruyere Tart -$5
Heirloom Tomato is the "stars" in this tart

Apricot and Rosemary Focaccia -$3

Pear and frangipane tart recipe $5
Poached pears, top a frangipane and crisp pastry

Rice Pudding Cake with peaches - $4
This flourless cake has a texture more like rice pudding than a cake.

Plum and Chocolate clafoutis - $5
A dark chocolate brings out the flavor of the plums

Sweet Tomato Upside down Cake - $4
It is the season for tomatoes and I couldn't let it pass without doing something sweet with them. The cake is similar to a spice cake and the tomatoes are topped with a ginger topping.

Green Tea Panna Cotta Strawberries - $4
Refreshing and favorable. Another take of panna cotta.


Blueberry Coffee Cake with Walnut Topping - $4
Blueberries frozen from earlier in the season make this coffee cake a good late summer treat.

Raspberry Chocolate Muffins - $3/muffin
Fresh Raspberries fill these muffins. Whole Wheat Flour is used.