Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Cheer

With all the chaos of meeting orders and catering jobs for the holiday's, I sometimes lag behind in meeting my kids needs. They have been nagging me all week about going to get a Christmas Tree. I tried to convince them that we should put up our "fake tree" with all the matching decorations. After all, most of my friends have graduated to such trees. But, the kids somehow knew that was the easy way out. No, they wanted the real thing. So, I took out the seats of the van, loaded up all the kids and a friend to help carry the tree. Off to Larry's Produce (where I get my tree every year), in the mud and rain. Let the kids run around and pick the tree, which of course, was the biggest tree with more imperfections then I would like. Stuffed it into the van, pine needles everywhere. Got it home, shoved it into the stand (it barley fit) and then rummaged through the garage for the decorations. Of course, the kids still want to put up our mixed match lights (bubble lights that were popular in the 1970's) and they spent hours putting up the decorations, remembering each one made, given to us, and collected over the years. So, the fake tree stays in the loft for another year and the perfectly matched decorations continue to gather dust, but it is my guess, that my years are numbered for such events. When we all sat down exhausted from the days events we looked at our tree and commented on how it was the best tree we have ever had!

Sorry for the late posting. I really am! I wish I had one more hand!

Anyway, for delivery on Tuesday or whenever you would like

Tuscan Potato Soup $5
Italian Sausage, Potatoes, Chicken Broths, Pancetta, kale and sage.

Moroccan Flatbreads $4/flatbread
Bell Peppers, feta cheese and olives in a flatbread pocket

Chicken Pot Pie with Shitake Mushroom and sun dried Tomatoes $5
This is a winter version of traditional chicken pot pie.

Ground Beef and Curry Pie $5
ground beef, Madras curry, peas and potatoes.

Parsnip buttermilk pie $4
This is sweet and tangy with a mouse texture.

Chocolate covered sandwich cookies with dulce de leche (6 cookies) $5
Homemade dulce de leche, a whole wheat cookie and topped with bittersweet chocolate

Amaretto apple streusel cupcakes $3/cupcake
apples, amaretto and an almond streusel.

Christmas Granola $5/bag
I made this for a customer recently and thought it was great. It has dried cranberries and cinnamon to make it suitable for this time of year