Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope I am over all deaths and sicknesses! Having a few weeks off has been difficult. Mostly cause I am not a sit around kind of person. But I guess my body needed the rest. Although I wish next time it would quietly let me know instead of throwing me into the hospital. After such a long rest I am ready to get back to the kitchen. Thank you everyone for you kind thoughts, prayers and beautiful flowers. It helped with a speedy recovery

Since there has been such a long break I don't think I fully caught you up on my finds at the Food Show in San Francisco. The things I loved where as follows:
Organic Relaxation Drinks (this is supposed to replace the energy drinks)
Coconut Water
Bamboo disposable tableware (this gives the table scape an expensive and unique look)
Organic Vanilla Bean Paste (who wants to scrape all those little tiny seeds out of a vanilla bean?)
Lots of organic and healthy snacks (great with sandwiches). Loved the root chips.
Black Garlic (super sweet and so many possibilities)

I hope to be using some of these products in the upcoming Market season.

Ok on to the menu for Valentines Weekend. Deliveries will be on Saturday morning 9-11a.m.

Savory Pies

Lobster Pie $6
Lobster with fresh herbs and cream sauce. Topped with puff pastry and a tiny heart

Full Tray of Lasagna 10x13- (at the request of customers) $25/pan
Meat - Our sauce is cooked for 6 hours, ricotta cheese mixture and lots of layers of cheese.
Mushroom - This Lasagna has porcini, shitakes, baby bellas in a white sauce with a hint of nutmeg.

Spinach and Dill Pie in Phyllo Dough $4/piece
Fresh Spinach, dill all in a phyllo dough

Sweet and crispy chicken wings $6 (6 wings plus sweet potato chips)
low salt soy sauce, roasted peanuts (crushed), red chili pepper, rice wine vinegar. These are baked and then smothered in a sticky sweet sauce. Served with sweet potato chips.

Coconut Scones with Pineapple Jam $3/scone
HandPies (in the shape on a heart) with raspberry jam $2/pie
Sugared Popovers (best eaten within 3 days). Almost as good as a donut! $4 for 3 popovers
Quiche with Ham and spinach and tomatoes $5/piece

6 Colored Shortbread Cookies with your own messages on them! The messages are stamped on the cookie. Please email me or call me with message . If you want me to make some valentine messages for you I will. $5 for 6 cookies

Chocolate flourless cake with candied mandarinquats $5/piece or $20 for whole cake

Pear and Banana Crumble with Carmel Sauce $4/crumble
Polenta, almond flour, pears and bananas.

Vanilla, Almond and quinoa heart shaped cakes $5/cake

Chocolate Cherry Heart Bread $6 per heart
Dried Cherries, almonds, anise seeds, bittersweet chocolate

Ice Cream sandwiches $3/sandwich
Chocolate Chip Cookies sandwiched with Strawberry Ice Cream

Bean and Pasta Soup $5/quart
White beans, and fresh vegetables in a vegetable broth