Friday, January 25, 2013

Yoga Etc.

The New Year for me, as well as many others, involves promises to eat better and exercise.  What better way, then yoga?  Yoga Etc. is a local studio located in Fairfield  The Owners have been long time customers of MagPies!  We love to support our customers and other local businesses!  Yoga Etc is offering a special deal to MagPies customers. 

20 Days Unlimited for $30. Also we have a workshop coming up this weekend Sunday Jan 27th from 2-4:30, with pratice from 4:30-6 on Yoga Fundimentals for $35. And Here is the link to the weekly schedule!classes!

So, let's take advantage of this great offer!  If anyone is going let me know.  I need a Yoga partner!

Menu for Pick-up January 27th

Almost through January!  I had every intention of blogging earlier in the month.  Unfortunately, the flu bug hit all of us. So, finally everyone is feeling better and I am ready to get back to work. If you keep up on Facebook.  I attend the Fancy Food Show this week in S.F.  I will be posting this next week on all the exciting new food trends for next year.  Until then here is the Menu for delivery on Sunday 9-11a.m. at our offices 1076 Horizon Dr., Suite #5, Fairfield.  (707)422-0749.

Family Sizes serves approx 6 people.


Braised Asian beef with pak choi - $30 (family size) $6 (individual serving)

Roasted Chicken and Vegetable Pie (uncooked or cooked) - $30 (family size) - $6( individual serving)

Spinach and Ricotta crepe casserole with spicy red pepper sauce - $25 (family size) or $5 (individual serving)

Spiced Jamaican Soup with Butternut Squash and Corn - $6/quart

Almond Date Breakfast Bars 4 bars $5
(dried dates, almonds, wheat germ, almond butter, honey, orange juice/zest)

Cheddar Breakfast Buns - 2 buns $3

Chai Coffee Cake $3/piece

Sweet Treats!

Brown sugar Buttered Popcorn Cookies - 6 cookies $3

Grapefruit Olive Oil Pound Cakes - Mini Loaf - $3

Chocolate Sticky Toffee Pudding with Coffee Custard (served on the side) - individual serving $3

Gluten Free

Lime and Blueberry (frozen from when in season) tea cake - 4 tea cakes $5

Lemon Salted Shortbread Cookies - 6 cookies - $4

Eggplant and Onion Gratin - individual serving $4 - family serving $22

Please email or call with any questions.