Friday, January 15, 2010

Bakeries around the world

My husband is still in Japan. We hope he makes in Stateside soon. During his time in Japan I have often sent him wondering the streets looking for baking/cooking items to send home to me. The latest is a Japanese hotpot. I saw a cookbook from a chef that used the hotpot to make various traditional and non-traditional dishes. I thought it would be a fun thing to add to my collection. I also had him send me knives (ceramic and Titanium) and lots of pictures of local bakeries (like the one above). The other pictures is of he City of Sasebo. Thought I you all would like to do some arm chair traveling with me.

This weekend I will be attending the Food Show in S.F. I can't wait! I got so much inspiration last year. I will try and blog/twitter from the show as best I can. They don't allow photography but I will see what I can sneak with the camera on my phone.


Creamy Mushroom and Chestnut Pie with Phyllo Crust $5/pie
A filling winter pie. Mushrooms, fresh chestnuts topped with a phyllo dough crust

Corn and Jalapeno cupcake with avocado frosting $3/cupcake
Savory cupcakes are big! Taste like tortilla chips and dip
Pear and Sausage Pie $5/pie
Ground Sausage Meat with a sweet pear in a puff pastry
Ham and Pea Popover Tart $4/piece
Ham, Peas, Cheese, red pepper, onion.
Bacon Apple Pie 5"pie $5
Crispy bacon and tart apples with a homemade pie crust. A GREAT combination!
Coconut Macaroons 6 cookies for $4
Coconut/almond macaroon topped with a bittersweet glaze.

Carmel/Chocolate Eclairs 2 eclairs for $5
Chocolate and Carmel filling together
Orange and Apricot Coffee cake $4/pie
Fresh Oranges, dried apricots with a crumb topping

Carrot and Coriander Soup $5/pint
Fresh Carrots, fresh coriander, lentils, vegetable stock

Deliveries Saturday only as I will be at the Food Show on Sunday! 10am - Noon
*Time change due to having kids to help me tomorrow.