Thursday, January 8, 2009

It is all about Sactown

OK, I am as guilty as the people I am constantly preaching too - do not forget about the great food and wine in the Suisun Valley and Sacramento. When I wrote the last post I mostly mentioned eateries in the East Bay and San Francisco. Jeff and Lorie (great customers and friends) handed me a couple of past issues of Sactown during my weekly delivery to them. The two issues (Oct/Nov and Jun/Jul) highlight the fact that Sacramento is attracting the restaurant designers and chefs that, at one time, only big cities like San Francisco could lure. Sacramento has really grown up and incorporates some first rate eateries. So, if like me, you are going to try and experience some of these goldmines that are on our doorstop, below are some places to add to our list. Remember, feel free to email me or add a comment to the post including your favorite places to eat. Afterall, the more merrier! Not so sure it is good for my diet, but oh well. Let's remember the grass isn't always greener on the other side. You may find what your looking for right in our own backyard! Let's keep up the ongoing battle to put Suisun Valley and Sacramento on the map!

12th and K

Ambrosia Cafe
1030 K St.
-creme brulee french toast sound divine!

Frank Fat's
1001 R St.

La Bonne Soup Cafe
920 8th Street

2801 Capital Ave

I will add further places in Fairfield and Vacaville as the weeks progress.

OK, on to Saturday's is what's on offer:

Individual Savory Pies
Mushrooom Stroganoff Pies with Morels - $6/pie

Green Bean and Lentil Pie - $5/piece

Warm Pear Pot Pie - $5/pie

Coconut Custard Slices $3/slice


Spiced chickpea and lemon soup $5/quart

Call, email or post your orders.

Have a great week!