Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day!

Yes, this is a food blog...but many of you know that I am a military wife. My husband has served in the Navy for 18 years and has been deployed to Japan for almost a year. Today my kids and nephews attended the Veterans Day Parade in Fairfield. The picture is my son Logan (holding the flag) and my nephew Tristan. It was a great parade! We all had lots of fun.

A Busy Weekend!

Thanks to everyone who joined me at the Clay Station this weekend. The weather was cold and rainy on Saturday but we had a great day on Sunday!

I love being at the Clay Station. It is where Magpies did their first event. So many of the talented Artists and Vendors gave me lots of encouragement in the early days and even now they are such a great support system. Although, I deal with food (not a typical art form), the artist at the Clay Station community have allowed me into their very talented group, for which I am very honored. Please remember the Clay Station for some great Christmas present ideas which are unique items but made by local artists!

So next weekend we are back delivering at the office. We will do deliveries from 8am-11pm. Please get your orders to me by Thursday if possible. You can place orders in the comments section of the blog or by email: magpies.jen@gmail.com or by calling (707)439-5960.

This week selection includes:

Stilton and Twice Bake Potato Picnic Pies $4
Ham Pie $5
Apple and Organic Sausage Pie $5

Poached Pear and Pumpkin Pie $4
Cranberry/Cinnamon Tart $5
Roasted Sweet-Potato Cheesecake with Maple Cream $5

Fruit Cake Cookie $5 for 4 cookies

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Ok, that is it for now! See you all on Saturday.