Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fancy Food Show

It seems like I have posted nothing but cake pictures.  Not sure why.  I have been saving these since January. 
The above is Duff from Ace of Cakes, who was introducing his new cake products.  The Food Show had various stars all over the show.  Most of whom I wouldn't have known were stars if it weren't for the people I was with.  Food is big business!
The show continued to grow this year.  Again, it seemed to me like the organic/natural foods section continued to grow.  
After all the eating, walking and talking I found some great products that I hope to be using in the near future.  I found some new catering products, particularly in the drink department.  I also found a new fondant product that has various flavors.  Great for people who hate fondant on cake.  I hope this changes peoples mind!
I will be filtering through all the information I collected over the next months and will continue to share it with you.

Deliveries will be Sunday from 9am-11am.

Chicken Stew with Jasmine Rice $28 (9x13) or $6/serving
Chicken thighs, tomato juice, green olives, sun-dried tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, tarragon, garlic, Jasmine rice

Pork and green chili pot pie with cornmeal crust $28 (9x13) or $6/serving
Pork, chili (various), cornmeal, onion, garlic, oregano, chicken broth, potatoes, flour, tomatilloes

Mushroom, garlic, shallot and lemon ricotta stew $6/serving or $28 for (9x13)
various mushrooms, garlic, shallots, ricotta, lemons, thyme, vegetable stock, tarragon, parsley, mint

Peppers stuffed with swede and Gruyere $6/serving
thyme, garlic, peppers, swede and Gruyere, sourdough bread, capers

Orange Raisin Sticky Buns $4 for 2
sugar, butter, fresh orange juice, flour, honey

Rhubarb Custard Crumble $5/serving
organic eggs, rhubarb, butter, ginger

Coffee Marscapone trifles with candied nuts $4/serving
espresso powder, coffee, lady fingers, cream, organic sugar

Double banana and double Carmel cupcakes  $4 for 2 cupcakes
bananas, organic sugar, organic eggs, flour, baking powder

Oatmeal Cake with Coconut Topping $5/serving
Coconut, milk, sugar, vanilla, nuts, organic sugar, unsalted butter, oatmeal