Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A New Year

I hope everyone had a great holiday filled with family, friends and food. It is hard to believe another year is almost over. Time just keeps flying by. I want to thank everyone who supported MagPies over the last year. Your business, your friendship and your referrals have allowed me to continue to do what I love. In this economy, where 70% of food business fail, I feel privileged to be baking and cooking for the last 3 years. In the next year, MagPies will continue to look for opportunities to grow, expand and bake. We will also continue to support our partners in the community. I wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year. I hope our paths cross soon.

For the New Year I thought it would be different to concentrate on some appetizers and small desserts (although there are full menu items). Order appetizers and sweets individualy or a platter to enjoy a little of everything.

Deliveries will be on Friday, December 31 from 9-Noon.

Cranberry-Maple Pecan Breakfast Cake $5/loaf
Pecans, maple syrup, flour unsalted butter, cranberries, buttermilk, eggs,organic sugar
Mini Naans with fig jam, goat cheese and arugula (8 naans) $6
homemade mini naan bread (like pita), homemade dried fig jam, sprinkle of goat cheese and arugula

Chilpote chili Nachos $8 (feeds 4)
(this comes disassembled unless other requested)
Chilpolte salsa, homemade tortilla chips, three grated cheese, creme fresh (chipolte peppers, onion, garlic, tomatillo, organic sugar, thyme. Assemble by adding cheese to tortilla chips. Melt. Top with salsa and creme fresh.

Black eyed pea sliders with roasted red pepper mayo and arugula (6 sliders) $6
black eyed peas, red onion, garlic, roasted red pepper, provolone cheese, homemade mayo, soft buns, arugula

Mini Spanish Omelet Bites 10 bites $5
Chives, peppers, olives, cheese, shredded potatoes, olive oil, mushrooms, eggs, cream

Smoked salmon dip with homemade crackers (feed 4) $8
smoked salmon, homemade mayo, Italian parsley, lemon juice, horseradish, capers

Twice Stuffed Red Potatoes with Goat Cheese and Chives (8 potatoes) $5
red potatoes, goat cheese, butter, chives

Ramaki (flavored water chestnuts, wrapped in bacon) (12 ramaki) $5 water chestnuts, soy sauce, garlic, seasoning, bacon

Fresh Herb and Cheese Palmier (8 pamliers) $5 puff pastry, fresh herbs, Parmesan, sharp cheddar

Platter of mixed appetizers (not including nachos) (feeds 6) $40


Ribs with fruit sauerkraut (full rack ribs) $30 baby back ribs, sauerkraut, white wine, dried apricots, potatoes

Hot and Spicy Braised Peanut Chicken (9x18 including steamed rice) $25 or $6/serving onion, chicken breast, peppers, lite soy sauce, lime, ginger, red curry paste, coconut milk, peas

Mediterranean Spinach Strata (9x18) $25 individual serving $6
french baguette, tomatoes, spinach, asigo cheese, feta, oregano, organic milk, onion, flour, mushrooms

Bite-Size Dulce De Leche Cream Puffs (6 cream puffs) $5
Carmel, cream, butter, organic sugar, eggs, flour

Mini Chocolate Truffle Tarts (6 tarts) $5
Bittersweet Chocolate, sugar, flour, butter, cream, vanilla
Bouchon (6 bouchon) $6
Adapted from Thomas Kellers Bouchon Bakery. These are little bites of rich chocolate cake.

Baby Rum Babas (6 mini babas) $7
rum, lemon zest, sugar, yeast, effs, flour, raisins, currants, milk

Mini Persimmon Cheesecakes (6 mini cheesecakes) $8
homemade wafers (for base) cheese cheese, persimmons, eggs, flour, apple juice

Angel Cakes with Lemon Sauce (6 cakes ) $6
flour, egg whites, sugar, lemon

Platter of mini desserts feeds 6 (includes all of the above desserts)$30