Monday, November 10, 2014

Thanksgiving Menu 2014

Thanksgiving Menu 2014
Pick-up order 1076 Horizon Dr., Suite #5, Fairfield
Pick-up from November25th-November 28th 10am-6pm
Order by email: or by phone (707)317-8958
Apple Breton Pie $20
Sugar Pumpkin Pie $15
Pecan Pumpkin Pie $20
Pecan/Walnut Pie $25
French Silk Chocolate Pie $15
Lemon Cream Pie $15
Chocolate Kahlua $32/serves 6-8
Banana Pudding $32/serves 6-8
Pecan Pie Bars $3/serving
Pumpkin Cheesecake bars with caramel swirls $4/serving
Ginger/chocolate chip with sea salt cookies $1/cookie
Salt Lick $20/serves 4-6
Cranberry, Almond and Cinnamon Tart $20/serves 4-6
Cannoli $20 serves 4-6
Bittersweet Chocolate tart with candied oranges $20/serves 6
Double corn cornbread with thyme $5 (for 6 muffins)
Red Pepper Rolls ($5 for 6 rolls)
Cranberry-Pecan Rolls $6 (6 rolls)
Buttermilk Biscuits with Parsley and Sage $5 (6 rolls)
Pecan Sweet rolls $15 for 12
Pumpkin Scones $4 for 2
Sweet Pumpkin Breakfast Cake with crumb topping $10/serves 6-8
French Toast with Maple Breakfast Bread Pudding $12/serves 6
Pumpkin Soup with Noodles $8/quart
Apple-butternut squash soup $8/quart

Three Green Soup with Potatoes $8/quart
Bitter Green salad with pears, fennel goat cheese and apple cider vinaigrette $11/serves 4

Country Bread Stuffing with duck fat, greens, bacon and bourbon soaked currents $12/serves 4
Sausage, Apple and Cranberry Stuffing $12/serves 4
Roasted cauliflower with almonds, capers, golden raisins $12/serves 3-4
Seasonal Roasted Vegetables $14/serves 6
Oven-roasted brussel sprouts with turnips, shallots, brown butter $12/serves 4-6
Gluten Free
Apple Chai Tea Bread $12
Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie $20
white rice, sorghum and sweet rice flours, cinnamon, egg, apple cider vinegar, butter
Gluten Free Spicy Ginger Cookies $5 for 6
Sorghum, white rice flours, dried ginger, cinnamon, eggs natural sugar and butter.
Gluten Free Savory
Gluten free Sweet Potato Apple Casserole $15 (6)