Thursday, August 20, 2009

Harvest in the Valley

Last Sunday I spent a day off, exploring the valley for the start of Harvest. Believe it or not, with all the work I do in the Valley, I hadn't yet gone wine tasting. Truth be told, I didn't really go wine tasting this time either as I was the designated driver. That's what happens when you a light weight drinker. However, I still enjoyed the experience. We toured Tenbrink Winery, Wooden Valley, Blue Victorian and the Suisun tasting Room which has tastings from various wineries. All the wineries had specials going on. Encouraging people to come out. At Tenbrink, we enjoyed tasting in their cool barrel room. They are completing a picnic area and tasting room. At Wooden Valley (which is like home for me). I visited with friends, while everyone else did a flight (5 tastings) in the tasting room. We also all graped stomped. It was much harder then you think! My friend Meghan and I lost miserably. We also enjoyed some good barbecued sausages. At Blue Victorian we enjoyed the beautiful vineyards and peaceful outdoor setting. We ended our day at the ClayStations (thanks Theresa) and Mankas Corner Cafe. I will taking future Sundays off to finishing enjoying the sites of the Valley. After all, there are more wineries to explore. To all my friends in the Valley thanks for a great day!
MagPies will be at Vacaville Farmers Market Saturday from 8am-Noon.
Variety of Quiches - $5
Local Vegtables fill our well-known quiches
Mushroom and Roasted Garlic Bread Pudding -$5
An artistan sourdough bread and creamy custard that is studded with roasted garlic.
Chicken Bastilla - $5
Phyllo dough, chicken breast, spices, cilantro and topped with almonds.
Vanilla Custard Slices with Papaya Icing - $4
A puff pastry covered with a cold custard and icing with a papaya pulp icing
Almond Peachy Pie - $5
Coconut and almonds make up the pie curst. A filling of non-fat sour cream, organic sugar and fresh peaches.
Strawberry Topped Lime Mousse Tart - $4
It is getting to the end of Stawberries season. This light and tangy mousse pairs nicely with the sweet strawberries.
Sweet Corn Cream Pie with Blueberries - 5 $
It was brought to my attention I haven't done anything with sweetcorn this season. So here it is. Topped with Blueberries.
Chocolate Flourless Cake - $4
A simple rich choclate cake.
Glazed Pull Aparts - $3
Filled with raisins and currants