Friday, September 17, 2010

A Chefs Garden

It isn't often I get to enjoy, a day out in the middle of the week, with a girlfriend. This week was one of the rare occasions I got to spend with my girlfriend L. After a quick coffee stop we headed out towards Yountville to Mustards Restaurant. Our mission was to look over the Chefs garden attached to the restaurant. The pictures above will give you a good idea what the garden looked like (unfortunately taken with my phone camera and not the good camera). It is enjoyable to see a larger restaurant like Mustards use produce straight from the garden to the table. After our tour we headed over to Dean Dulca and went isle by isle through the shop. I could spend far too much money in there! I left with some guava syrup and a treat from the bakery for L and I to share (before lunch of course). Then we headed downtown and ate lunch, which consisted of a Reuben sandwich (which we shared) and a goat cheese/vegetable pizza. Once we refuelled we went and hit the streets for a little more window shopping. A most enjoyable day that I hope we can repeat again.
Delivery...Sunday 9am - 11am

Rigatoni with sausage and fennel $25/9x12 dish or $5/serving
Whole wheat pasta, Italian sausage, fennel seeds, heirloom tomato
Chicken and Rice with Cilantro Pobalano sauce $25/9x12 dish or $5/serving
green onions, cilantro leaves, chicken broth, poblano pepper, mushrooms, brown rice, heirloom tomatoes, cumin, parsley, chicken breasts

Hungarian Cinnamon Loaf $4 for 2 slices
Butter,flour,egg, cinnamon


Two Corn Polenta with heirloom tomatoes, basil and cheese $5/servingchicken broth, parm. cheese, basil, fresh corn, onion, polenta

Vegetarian Pad Thai $5/servingrice noodles, bean sprouts, tamarind, chili sauce, tofu, peanut


Guava swirled cheesecake $5/piecegraham cracker crust, guava paste, reduced fat sour cream, cream-cheese, lime juice

Coconut/Almond Macaroons $4/6 macaroonsegg whites, vanilla, coconut, almond paste, organic sugar

apple, Goat Cheese and Starthistle Honey Tartlettes $5/tart
Puff pastry, apples, honey, all-spice, goat-cheese

Blueberry Bread Pudding $4/serving
Blueberries, Bread, egg, vanilla

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