Thursday, March 5, 2009

Saturday Goods

OK, I am sorry this posting is so late. I have had the worst time with getting anything to post this week. I am back at work this week so here are the offerings for Saturday's pick-up or delivery.
Spicy South African Bake - $6 for 5" pie
A mild curry flavored Lean Steak with minced, apple, mango chutney, sultanas and onions.

Caulfi Pie $5/Piece
Cauliflower and Cheese in a potato crusted base

Tartiflette with Brie and Bacon - $5/piece
Creamy cheese with smokey bacon

Ovaltine and Milk Chocolate Kulfi - $5/piece
A traditional Asian/Indian dessert this has an American taste of chocolate malt.

Lemon Steamed Pudding with Berry Compote - $5/pudding
A moist steamed pudding with a tangy lemon filling with a flavored sweet berry topping

MagPies Nutter Butters - 6 cookies $5
Flavors of the ones your Mother used to buy, of course, made healthier.

Bakery Crumb Buns $4 for 2 buns
A cake-like bun with a crumb topping and a hint of almond flavor

White Bean Soup with Winter Vegetables $5/quart

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