Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter!

Peeps cupcakes made for the kids!
Happy Spring Everyone! I just wish it felt more like Spring. Where did the sunshine go? I am anxiously awaiting its return. I have started to prepare for the upcoming Farmers Market with a new look for our booth. I have also decided to refine and change how and what we serve at the Market slightly. I will keep you posted with upcoming changes. It is my hope, that the goods we sell will be able to serve both the customers that like to come to the market for the same thing every week and those who like to get something different each time. Of course, I hope to keep everything as organic and fresh as possible. I am also hoping to start serving fresh coffee (which means making it at the market). I have looked at lots of options for this and am still in the process of deciding. Watch this space!
Here is the menu for the week
Salmon Tacos (tray of 12 tacos) $25 or $5/serving
Grilled Salmon, pickled onions, chipolte mayonnaise, jicama salad salsa
Italian Easter Pie
Italian sausage, prosciutto, mortadello, ham, ricotta in a pastry with lemon zest. Whole pie $25 Small Pie $5
Scotch Eggs $4/egg
Hard eggs, covered in sausage with a spiced bread crumb. A favorite in England!
Onion, Walnut and Mushroom Tarte Tatin - Whole Tart $15 or $4/serving
Torta Pasquillina $4/serving
This is a Torte with spinach, artichoke, ricotta and eggs.
Hot Cross Buns $2/bun or $10 for 8
A Easter Favorite
Lemon, Raspberry French Toast Strata $4/serving or $12/pan
Slightly Sweet and Tangy Bread Pudding for Breakfast
Gruyere and Rosemary Cake $3/piece
This is between a Spanish tortilla and a cake. Great with a Easter drink.
Pear and Cardamon mini tart - $4/tart
Pear and Cracked Cardamon on puff pastry
Blueberry Angel Food Cake Rolls - Whole Roll $12 or $4 piece
Angle food cake and blueberry filling, rolled and sliced
Carrot and Ginger Layered Cake with Orange Frosting - Whole Cake $22 or $5/piece
Lime Shortbread Cookies with white chocolate and almonds - 6 cookies $3
Homemade Carmel Corn $4/bag
This is a nice gift for Easter.
Ice Cream
Ice Cream
Brown Sugar Banana Ice Cream
Dark Chocolate ice Cream with Coco Nibs
*A scoop of each for a really great dessert!
Deliveries Saturday Morning. 9-11a.m.

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