Thursday, March 19, 2009


J&L so generously gave me a gift certificate to a mid-town Sacramento restaurant for my birthday. It was a joint celebration as J and I share the same birthday. I did my research on Moxie before we went. I read the reviews as they don't have a website. Both J and I did the same homework so we went to dinner with a game plan, as Moxie has a limited menu. All the specials (and there are many) are recited quickly and with lots of flair by the owner. He greets each table, sends a waiter with water and drink orders and returns to tell you the specials. Since we went in with a plan (I knew I wanted lamb) and J new he wanted fish, so we concentrated on those specials. L decided that she just wanted something in the beef category and let the owner choose something for her. All the food came with the same sides of mash potatoes and fresh vegetables. My New Zealand lamb was juicy and tender - sheer perfection! I tasted J's Chilean Seabass with Macadamia crust (I hope I rememberd that right as I had a glass of wine). I thought the fish was good, not overcooked and enjoyed the crunchy crust. L had a filet mignon and it was butter soft.

It also happened to be Second Saturday Art Walk and this was a fun event. After dinner we walked through some of the galleries and enjoyed the fine art.

Thanks to J and L for such a thoughtful and fun evening. It was a great introduction to mid-town, Sacramento and I hope it won't be long before I visit again.

Deliveries will be on Sunday or Monday at your convenience. I am happy to deliver at no cost.

Tomato, ham and cheese turnover - $5
This turnover is filled with ham, pesto, melted Boursin cheese and sliced tomato

Green Pea and Corn triangles with cauliflower - $5
Organic Peas and Fresh Corn put in a parcel with filo pastry

Smoked Chicken and Dill Cake - 2 slices $5
Yes, a savory cake. This is filled with smoked organic chicken and fresh dill. Great with a salad or a bowl of soup.

Lemon Grass, Vanilla, Red Currant Minicake $4/piece

Passion fruit/lemon brulee tart $5/tart

Hazelnut Toffee Square - $5 per bar Layer of crust , chocolate and topped with hazelnut and toffee

Chocolate Babka mini-loaf - $4 per loaf
Russian loaf of bread filled with bittersweet chocolate & pecans)

Curried Green Asparagus Soup with Root Vegetable Chips $5/quart
Asparagus is just coming into season. This fresh soup is served with root vegetable chips on the side.

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