Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day!

This Weekend we will be doing extra special items for Valentine's Day!
Share a treat from MagPies with someone special! We will do local deliveries for free if you are in the Fairfield or Vacaville area. All other deliveries will be charged a small delivery fee.

*MagPies will be closed 27 & 28 February and 1st March. If you need anything before that please let us know. We will not be doing a blog posting with items for sale that week but will be happy to take special orders up until Wednesday, 25 February. All deliveries next week will be made on Thursday, 26 February. Thanks for your understanding.

Valentine's Day Treats!
The menu is extended this week because Valentine's Day give me an excuse to do a little extra, especially in the sweets department! Have fun with all the choices.

Savory- make your Valentine's dinner special
Broccoli Raab and Sausage Pie with Mozzarella and Pecorino - $5/serving
This pie uses Broccoli Raab and Sausage and is encrusted in a focaccia crust.

Smoked Salmon and Dill Tart $6/5"tart
This is a creamy tart filled with rich smoked salmon.
Mini Meat loaves dressed in herb encrusted pastry - $6/loaf
This is a meat loaf with organic ground pork added in, covered in a crisp pastry

Breakfast - for those who want to sweeten up the start of the day
Heart Shaped Scones with raspberry jam - $1.50/scone or box of 6 $8
Blueberry muffins made with yeast - box of 6 $8 or $1.50 each
Chelsea Buns - $2/bun box of 6 $9
Quiche - Try one of our individual traditional quiches - $5/quiche

Cheesecake Pops (6 pops) $10 Single pops $2
Great Gift for the kids or adults these Cheesecake lollipops are covered in chocolate with
valentines sprinkles.
Apple Tart Tatin - Whole Tart $18 Single Serving $5
Upside down, caramelized apple tart.
Bouchon - Box of 10 $10 This was taken from Thomas Keller (of French
Laundry fame) and means "cork". These bite size corks are a cross between a
brownie and rich chocolate cake.
Chocolate and Vietnamese Coffee Tart - $15 whole tart Single Serving $4
A chocolate pastry filled with Chocolate-Vietnamese Coffee Ganache
Raspberry, Earl Grey, Hazelnut and Rum Truffles - Mix and Match a box of 8
Truffles or Purchase Individually $10/box of 8 or $1.50 per truffle.
Pistachio Macaroons sandwiched with raspberries and pistachio/chocolate ganache - $6/cake
These look like little cakes but have the wonderful taste and texture of a french macaroon. Topped with a sugared rose petal.
Salt Licks - $5/5"tart - This is a favorite of MagPie customers. A shortbread crust with a soft caramel and then topped with a bittersweet chocolate ganache and a sprinkle of sea salt.
New York Style Cheesecake with hint of Lemon in a Pastry Crust - $30 whole Cheesecake or $5/piece
This varies a little from traditional cheesecake as it has a pastry crust instead of graham cracker crust.
Spiced beef and beet goulash soup - $5/quart

I hope everyone is able to share the day with the ones they love! Have a great Valentines Day!

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