Friday, July 8, 2011

Totally Local Market - A Huge Success!

If you haven't read the newspaper or heard from one of your friends Totally Local is a new Farmer's Market held in Green Valley featuring local farms, wineries, artisans, baked goods, etc.  Last week in opened to a crowd of more than 500 people!  Not bad for a small country market!  I was happy to be asked to participate this ongoing event!  MagPies will be out amongst the trees for most of the remaining Saturday's (until October).  Please come and support the market!  You can find us 9am-1pm every Saturday on Green Valley Road.  If you have any problem finding it (which a few people did) call me at (707) 439-5960 and I will  try and direct you.

Deliveries will be Sunday 9a.m. to 11a.m. at the office

Rootbeer Chicken Legs (9x13 or 12 chicken legs) $30 individual serving $6
Rootbeer, chicken legs, homemade BBQ sauce, brine, lemon

Summer Italian Sausage Casserole (9x13) $26 or individual servings $5
Italian Sausage, tomatoes, onion, squash, spices, cheese

Chickpea and Apricot Salad $6/quart
cumin, chickpeas, coriander, oranges, red onion, apricots, arugula, feta

Roasted Corn and Tomato Salad with Basil Dressing $6/quart
Corn, Tomatoes, red onion, basil, olive oil, vinegar

Summer Ratatouille (9x13) $26 or $5/serving
onion, garlic, tomato, eggplant, zucchini, yellow summer squash, red pepper, thyme, goat cheese

Lime Yogurt Cake with Blackberry Sauce $5/serving
cake flour, lime, plain yogurt, blackberries, sugar

Blueberry Cheesecake Brownies $4/serving
Chocolate, blueberries, cream cheese, vanilla, sugar, eggs, flour

Mixed Berry Grunt $5/serving
butter, sugar, mixed berries, flour

Ice Cream $6/quart
Strawberry, Lime and Basil

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