Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ice Cream is here!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Wooden Valley! It was a busy and fun filled weekend.

I am glad it is ice cream season! There is something I love above the simplicity of making ice cream (it really is easy) but I also enjoy how creative you can be. You can mix anything into ice cream. I know we sometimes mix some strange flavors, but if your brave enough to try something out of the ordinary (like our basil ice cream), then I think you will agree you might never go back to plain old vanilla.

With this in mind, MagPies upgraded our ice cream making machine and the capacity to churn out even more delicious flavors. This isn't a machine, if you are planning on making the occasional ice cream (too expensive $300) but I was using several inexpensive machines ($50) for churning ice cream. If you are planning an outdoor party, making ice cream would be fun thing to. If you don't want to make it you can always order it from us.

MagPies will be trading at the Vacaville Farmers Market on Saturday from 8am-Noon and at our offices on Sunday from 8am-10am.

SAVORY BOXED LUNCHES- Your Choice of one main item: $7 (includes choice of one main dish, with salad and dessert.

Choose from one of the following:

Organic Chicken and Sliced Sausage Pie - This Pie is packed with meat, thyme, sun-dried tomatoes in a pastry crust.

Grilled Vegetable Pie with White Bean Puree in a cornmeal Cayenne Crust - A spiced up vegetarian option which has zucchini, bell peppers and corn.

Fennel, Artichoke and Gruyere Pithivers - Organic Fennel, artichoke hearts and gruyere cheese with a pastry top.

Pesto, Spinach and Argula Trouchia - This is baked with no pastry.

SALAD - $7 lunchbox item

Ham, Peach and Mozzarella Salad

You may also choose the savory options to purchase as a single option.

SAVORY ITEMS (SOLD SEPARATELY) - See description above

Organic Chicken and Sliced Sausage Pie $5

Grilled Vegetable Pie with White Bean Puree in a Cornmeal Crust $5

Fennel, Artichoke and Gruyere Pithivers $4

Pesto, Spinach and Arugula Trouchia - $4


Organic Banana Chocolate Cherry Brownies - $4

Cherry Almond Bars - $3

Fruity Cheddar Bars- $3


Apple/Elderflower Cobbler - $4

Breton/Buckwheat Tart/Cake with Sea Salt -$4

Yogurt Tartlets with Strawberries - $4


Summer Berry Loaf $3 (2 slices)

Cake Roll with Jam and Crusted Coconut Topping


Lemon Mousse - $3

S'more Dark Chocolate Pudding - $4

Orange and Blueberry Parfait - $5

ICE CREAM $3/scoop with a pizzelle cone

Rice and Ricotta Ice Cream
Blueberry Ripple Yogurt
Lemon Tarragon Ice Milk
Earl Grey

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