Friday, May 29, 2009

On Sunday, we enjoyed a windy but nice day at Wooden Valley Winery. The day allowed the public to preview what winemaker Rick Lanza has been working on. There was great live music and lots of barrel tasting. My friend Eric with Big Nugg Barbecue was out there selling pulled pork and tri-tip. If you haven't been out to the wineries in Suisun Valley, make it a priority this summer! Click the following link to find out more about all the wineries in the area It is amazing that we live next to all these fantastic places.

OK, on another note, I didn't get my Daring Bakers Challenge done again. No excuses. I plan to bake it this weekend though and still post it (I know I said that last month.)

  • This week we will be at Vacaville Farmers Market on Saturday from 8-noon.

    Please note next week we will not be at the Farmers Market but will be participating in Art on the Vine at Wooden Valley both Saturday and Sunday.

    Boxed Lunches- Your Choice of one main item: $7 (includes choice of one main dish, with salad and dessert

    Choose from one of the following:
  • Sweet Potato and Organic Sausage Pie
  • Chicken B'Steeyas - A greek dish, made into 2 cigar shaped filo pastry pies. The filling includes- chicken breast, raisins, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and almonds.
  • Quinoa and Spinach Bake - Fresh Spinach, thyme, rosemary, Cottage Cheese all baked into sizeable squares for lunch.

You may also choose the savory options to puchase as a single option.
Sweet Potato $5

Chick B'Steeyas $5

Quinoa and Spinach Bake $4


Cherry Clafouti $4- Cherries in a cake-like batter
Creme Brulee $5- A creamy custard with a crunchy sugar top
Mini Banoffee Teacakes -banana and carmel in this cupcake like teacake $4
Cardamon-spiced mango pavlovas -$4
Apricot Tart Tatin $4

Kugelhoff $4 - This is from the NorthEast region of France and is part bread and part cake. Kinda like brioche

Fruit parfait $5- Our parfaits are packed with fruit, greek yogurt and granola

Larait Bar - $3 - dried fruit bar cookie

Ice Cream $3/scoop with pizzelle cone

Green Tea
Strawberry/Mango Sorbet
Orange Chocolate Chip
Rose Vanilla
Milk Chocolate

See you on Saturday!

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