Friday, April 3, 2009


This week I would like to do deliveries on Sunday again. So, unless you have any special requests for Saturday, I am happy to do deliveries for free on Sunday or meet you at the office for pick-up. Just let me know what time in convienant.

Moreish Chicken and Nut Pie $5/piece
This pie comes from the city of Granada in Spain. It is a bakery specialty with raisins, pine nuts, organic chicken and spices in a puff pastry.

Mushroom Strudel $5/piece
Taken from the sweet version the savory one is filled with a variety of mushrooms, herbs, parmesan and onions.

Bean and Red Pepper Tart $5/tart
Roasted Red Peppers, beans, thyme and creme fresh baked in a crisp pastry crust.

Green Tea Pudding $4/cup
A smooth pudding flavored with green tea

Brown Sugar Apple Cake $5/slice
Layers of brown sugar bread crumbs and apple compote.

Bakewell tart $4 for 4"tart
layered wtih marizpan and jam

Chocolate/Cherry Cookies $5 for 6 cookies
Dried cherries add a chewiness to these super chocolate cookies

Welsh Cakes $5/4cakes
Not really a cake but more like a heavy pancake. Cooked in a cast iron skillet.

Yes, I am bored with soup. It is starting to get nice and I am ready to do some salads. I hope you agree with the change. I may throw in a soup every now and again, just to keep you guessing.

Spiced Rice Salad. $5/quart
Dried Apricots and pinenuts give give this salad a Moroccan flav

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