Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thanks for a Great Season!

For my first posting on this blog, I would like to thank the great customers we have had at all the Markets this season. You have all been my inspiration each week. I am going to miss seeing you, hence the reason for starting this blog. I would love to still see all of you and offer you the opportunity to come and see Magpies at the different events we attend. The idea is that this blog will be a forum to post the items we will be baking each week (3 sweet 3 savory) and to let you know where you can find us.
As blogging is new to me, I ask that you bear with me as I update and change the blog. This is a start that I hope will keep you updated as to where the Magpies fly.

I will post the baked items we will be selling each week on the site and you can order them through email or by calling me. Pick-up will be Saturday from 8-11am. If you need a different pick-up time please let us know.
If Magpies is attending another local event we ask that you pick-up any orders at the event. If you are unable to attend the event and need another pick-up time/date let us know.
We will be at the Clay Station in Mankas Corners, 2529 Mankas Corner Road, this Saturday and Sunday. Some of the treats we will be selling are as follows:
Deep Chocolate Sour Cream Pound Cake $4
Yogurt Pomegranate Tart $5
Layered Pumpkin Pie $5
Onion Apple Tart with Manchego Cheese $5
Sweet Potato, Blue Cheese and Walnut Quiche $5
Parma Ham and Pear Tart $5
We will also have samples of our Thanksgiving Pies (which can be ordered). In additon, I will be making some edible holiday items that will be pre-packaged for sale. Look for our hand rolled truffles, peppermint bark, gourmet marshmallows, specialized cookies and caramels.
If you have any other questions let me know. Otherwise, come and see us on Saturday and Sunday.
You can pre-order anything via email ( or by calling (707)439-5960.

I look forward seeing you all soon!

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Rilenator said...

Mrs. Riley

I miss having a warm savory pastry followed by a glass of Sonoma County wine, to be shared with the head chef, to celebrate this wonderful holiday season. I will be in town around to 17th of December. I hope you will have a selection of goodies at that time as I have not eaten a decent pastry since last time I was in the States, over a year ago. I remember the Cookie Jar in Reading, and I hope you have enough to satisfy my sweet tooth as well. I work in Japan, and do not get to spend much time in the States. I will bring over some Sake or plum wine to trade with, or try to woo the chef into giving me some sweets. I will see you then